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Transformative Support In Supported Independent Living

Supported independent living can be a life changing experience for individuals looking for autonomy while requiring some assistance. At Rosamma Care, we provide comprehensive and compassionate support that is more than just accommodation. We are dedicated to provide transformative support offered in our supported independent living services.

Care Plans And 24/7 Assistance

Supported independent living in Victoria at Rosamma Care begins with the development of personalized care plans made for the unique needs and aspirations of each resident. Our team of caretakers who are committed to their work will assist individuals to understand their preferences, goals, and the level of support required. One of the pillars of our supported independent living services is the availability of 24/7 assistance. Residents have peace of mind knowing that trained staff is readily available to offer support whenever needed. From daily activities to unforeseen challenges, our team is committed to ensuring a safe and nurturing environment.

Skill Development And Community Integration

We empower our residents to build essential life skills which is a core component of our support framework. Whether it is improving cooking abilities, managing personal finances, or enhancing communication skills, we provide guidance and resources to foster independence and self sufficiency. Supported independent living extends beyond the physical boundaries of a residence. Rosamma Care places a strong emphasis on community integration. We facilitate social interactions, engagement in local events, and connections with neighboring communities, to foster a sense of belonging and inclusivity.

Health and Wellbeing Programs

Residents at Rosamma Care benefit from health and well being programs designed to promote physical, emotional, and mental wellness. From fitness regimes to mental health workshops, we prioritize approaches that contribute to an enriched and fulfilling lifestyle. We understand that each individual has unique needs, and our supported independent living in Canberra has services that are designed to cater to diverse requirements. Whether someone requires specialized healthcare support, assistance with mobility, or help in managing specific conditions, our team is trained to provide the necessary care.

Transition Support

For those transitioning into supported independent living, the process can be a little overwhelming. Rosamma Care offers dedicated transition support, ensuring a smooth and comfortable shift into independent living. This involves orientation sessions, introductions to fellow residents, and ongoing guidance during the initial settling in period. In addition to long term supported independent living, Rosamma Care recognizes the need for short term accommodation options. Our Canberra short term accommodation services provide a supportive environment for individuals who may require temporary assistance, ensuring flexibility and accessibility in our support offerings.


Supported independent living at Rosamma Care transcends the traditional model by committing a compassionate and person centered approach. By combining personalized care, skill development, community integration, and specialized support, we aim to create a nurturing environment where individuals thrive and lead fulfilling lives. At Rosamma Care, it is the journey towards independence and empowerment.