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How Rosamma Care Supports the Differently Abled Community through NDIS

Everyone deserves the opportunity to live a full feeling and independent life no matter what. Freedom to live is not based on the physical or mental ability of a person. At Rosamma Care, as one of the distinguished NDIS providers victoria, we know the importance of living a peaceful and fulfilling life, especially for those who are not capable of living a normal life compared to others, because of their Disabilities. That is why we are passionate about supporting differently abled communities in Victoria, through the National Disability Insurance Scheme known as NDIS. Our comprehensive range of services includes ndis care plan and supported Independence living which are designed to empower individuals to achieve their goals and thrive in the diverse community.

Understanding Your NDIS Needs

We are the NDIS providers who are funding for individuals with disability to access support and services they need to live Independently. As NDIS registered providers Victoria, you can trust us throughout the process. Understanding your eligibility for NDIS funding is the primary thing that you should check before registering. We develop a personalized NDIS care plan that aligns with your specific needs and goals. As a qualified NDIS plan management provider you can connect with Rosamma Care to manage your NDIS budget effectively. We heavily focus on maximizing your funding to access the supports you need most.

NDIS Care Plans

At Rosamma Care, we take the time to understand your needs, requirements, aspirations and preferred living arrangements to provide you with the best care plan. Our personal care assistance with daily activities such as showering, dressing and male preparation is one of the major care plans we provide for you. For individuals who are seeking independence in living, can benefit from our supported Independence living care plan. The right environment and our assistance for you with communication and social interaction, will enhance your life and well being. We also provide therapy and rehabilitation services which are designed to improve mobility, communication and overall well being of individuals.

Creating a Supportive Living Environment

The care plans sometimes cannot fulfill the requirements of some. For individuals who require a higher level of support Rosamma Care offers comfortable and secure supported Independence living homes. These are the environments where individuals can live with dignity and independence while having the access to 24/7 assistance from our dedicated medical professionals and staff.

There are plenty of benefits in living in such an environment. More than just getting a safe and supervised living environment, you will get the assistant with daily living tasks and help you in social interaction and companionship. We will support you to develop independence in acquiring the living skills. Aur team of skilled professionals are available to provide assistance in each step of the way. More than just a care, it is an empowerment you are getting from Rosamma Care. We constantly provide you support, which makes yourself confident and independent to promote social connection and inclusion.


Rosamma Care, we are committed to build a supportive community, where differently abled individuals feel valued and empowered. We understand the challenges faced by differently able communities. As a NDIS plan management providers victoria, we are dedicated to providing solutions through our NDIS services.