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How NDIS Supports Individuals with Disabilities

A world without limitations, which is replaced by possibilities is what we need right now. A world where you are empowered and encouraged to reach your full potential regardless of disabilities is what Rosamma Care is envisioning. We make this true through our vision of the NDIS, the National Disability Insurance Scheme. At Rosamma Care the top NDIS service provider Canberra, we are dedicated to help individuals and help to navigate through the transformative journey.

Understanding NDIS

The revolutionary scheme known as NDIS, provides funding and support to individuals with disabilities throughout Australia. This specialised scheme empowers those individuals to live independently and provide them with the services that helps to fulfill their lives. Also this enables them to communicate and participate in variant communities to achieve their goals based on their preferences and primary needs. The life of a person with disabilities varies from others. They face diverse challenges ranging from physical limitations to communication barriers and social anxieties. Recognising this, NDIS personalised funding packages and healthcare services to address each person's specific needs.

How the NDIS Empowers Individuals

Through the NDIS scheme individuals can access a wide range of services and support to foster their lives. Through registering in NDIS with Rosamma Care, people get assistance in their daily living activities and help them to complete these daily tasks without any challenges and challenges of doing them on their own. The support s includes helping them to complete the task like bathing, dressing, preparing meals and managing personal hygiene etc.

As the trusted NDIS support coordinator Melbourne, our personal care workers at rosama care will help you to provide assistance with mobility and transportation. This could involve providing the financial support to own wheelchairs, prosthetics or specialised transportation services according to your requirement. Communication and social support can have a great impact on individuals who are facing disability challenges. At Rosamma Care, we account for this need and provide the required services. This includes speech therapy, social development programs, confidence boosting training and more.

Trusted Partner in NDIS Journey

There are certain complexities in navigating the NDIS system and at Rosamma Care we understand this thoroughly and aim to provide better service. We are a registered NDIS service provider in both Canberra and Melbourne and we offer support coordination services to individuals seeking to access the scheme. Our expert and dedicated support coordinators will work closely with you to understand your individual needs and goals. This helps us to develop a personalized plan to access the NDIS funding. You can always connect with us, as we are one of the right service providers in Melbourne and beyond.


The scheme NDIS is a powerful tool for individuals with disabilities which helps them to overcome challenges and live a fulfilling life. As one of best distinguished and reputed NDIS service providers Melbourne, Rosamma Care is here to help you navigate the system of NDIS and encourage you to unlock the potential within you. We are your trusted partner who believes in your strength, resilience and ability to thrive.