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Exploring Supported Independent Living Options in Victoria

In the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), supported independent living is crucial because it enables people with disabilities to live on their own without needing help. There are many NDIS service providers in Victoria , each tailored to the unique needs of an individual. To make the right choice, one should consult Rosamma Care, one of the Best NDIS service providers in Victoria working closely with clients.

What is Supported Independent Living?

Supporting NDIS members in living their lives with little or no outside help is one way that supported independent living relates to how people can care for their health, such as eating, looking after their bodies, and caring for the home.

Victoria's Supported Independent Living Options

Shared Living Arrangements

Participants live in shared living arrangements with other NDIS members, which can be advantageous for those who place high importance on the bond among them and the assistance they provide by facilitating a feeling of belongingness and collective obligation.

Individual Living Arrangements

If you are looking for self-contained quarters ultimate personal space well-suited just look no further. It’s appropriate for those who want to be by themselves while participating in other people’s affairs.

Specialist Disability Accommodation

Specialist Disability Accommodation is intended for those participants who require a high level of help. These features are provided to meet the needs of such participants on purpose and may involve adjusted bathrooms, extended doorways, and the use of assistive facilities.

Find the best option for Supported Independent Living

The best-supported independent living option depends on your unique needs, preferences, and NDIS plan. Acquire competent NDIS plan management providers in Victoria . Choose a stylish arrangement, decide on roommate preference, and choose an accessible location. Ensure friendly roommates.

How Rosamma Care Can Help

Rosamma Care, being in the league of top NDIS service providers in Victoria, is devoted to helping participants locate a Supported Independent Living arrangement that suits them well. Our team works very closely with you so that they may know your needs and desires; hence they will ensure that your chosen housing option aligns with your NDIS plan as well as any goals related to your way of living. Our Services Include:

Assist-Personal Activities

We offer customized help with personal grooming and getting around the house so that all people can perform their daily duties with no struggle.


We help you move around and stay in touch with our travel and transport support for all your appointments, social events, and other important trips, whether they are personal or official.

Community Nursing Care

Our organization provides professional nursing care for persons with medical needs, fulfilling all health requirements with top-level attention.

Daily Tasks/Shared Living

Our support helps participants there with their daily duties and also they live together in this way. We provide help to people looking for ways to share homes rather than their own houses.

Specialised Disability Accommodation

We create housing solutions for participants with high support needs. The homes have the necessary modifications and features for a comfortable and accessible living environment.


Rosamma Care offers guidance and support for exploring supported independent living in Victoria. We focus on identifying suitable options for self-assurance and excellent care within the NDIS plan. Contact us to learn more about our services.