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Bringing Compassionate Healthcare to Your Doorstep with Rosamma Care

At Rosamma Care, we have a deep rooted commitment to providing compassionate service. With Rosamma Care, we provide medical expertise at the comfort of your own home and also short stay accommodation Canberra. As a trusted NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) providing organization, we understand the challenges individuals face in accessing quality healthcare services. That is why we are dedicated to bringing community nursing care to your doorstep. This helps us in ensuring that you receive the support you need in the environment you feel most comfortable in.

Dedicated to Compassionate Service

Our team of highly skilled and experienced nurses are passionate about delivering personalized care to each individual we serve. Whether you require assistance with daily tasks or shared living support, our community nursing care services are designed to promote your independence and overall well being.

Making Quality Care Accessible

Daily tasks can often be challenging for individuals with disabilities or chronic health conditions. That is where our community nursing care comes in. We provide assistance or supervision with personal tasks of daily life, such as bathing, dressing, grooming, and meal preparation. Our goal is to help you live as independently as possible while ensuring your safety and comfort. Our caring and qualified nurses are dedicated to provide you the care you need.

At Rosamma Care, we firmly believe that support should be provided according to their individual needs and preferences. Whether you want to improve your mobility, enhance your self care abilities, our team will provide the guidance, resources, and encouragement you need to succeed.

Shared Living Solutions

Shared living is another aspect of our community nursing care services as we provide short term accommodation Canberra. We understand that living independently may not always be feasible or desired, and that is perfectly okay. Our supportive team can provide the necessary assistance and supervision to ensure you have a safe and comfortable living environment. Whether you require daily assistance, medication management, or support with social activities, our compassionate nursing staff will be there for you every step of the way.

Expert Care in the Comfort of Home

One of the key benefits of our community nursing care services is the convenience and comfort of receiving healthcare in your own home. We understand that visiting a clinic or hospital can be stressful and time consuming. By bringing healthcare to your doorstep, we aim to deliver you the care you deserve without any inconveniences.


Everyone deserves access to high quality healthcare services. Our community nursing care programs and .NDIS specialist disability accommodation are specifically made to meet the unique needs and aspirations of individuals living with disabilities or chronic health conditions. With our compassionate team by your side, we can assure you that you will receive the best care and support in the comfort of your own home. If you or your loved one requires community nursing care, connect with Rosamma Care.